Request to open

Requet our food truck for your event.

Our food truck serving Huli Huli chicken goes your town.

Request for Our Huli Huli chicken food truck
Our food truck moves around Tokyo, chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa.
Huli Huli chicken, it goes without saying, garlic shrimps, hawaiian lemonade and so on, we serve.
You could reserve some dishes sure you like. Contact to

・Vacant space around your office
・Events about food
・Festival about foreign food
In addition to above, anywhere, anytime we go to serve you our chickens.
Requests for our truck are welcomed.

Our food truck’s size is about same as 2t truck.
Small space would not welcome our truck.

Our food truck

foodtruck size foodtruck size


・Our food truck’s size is about same as 2t truck.Check the width of road to the place which you open a event.
・We put our schedule on top page on this website.Irregular maintenance of the truck may be occured.
・E-mail or telephone meeting between you and us is done after you request us to open our shop.
In case you and us agree the condition to open shop, we decide to move our food truck and open shop as you request.
・A little smoke is generated when we grill chickens.We recomend you your event opens outdoor.
・We can not open on slope.
・Extra space will be preferable because you and your friends need some space to eat and drink.
・We can open at places which accept to box lunch sales.Check acception of the place you like to call our truck.
・If you are under 20 years old, we cannot serve alcohol.We may request you to show your id.
・If you request us to open outside Kanto, we may ask for some extra charge.